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Wolf van Elfmand

About this Album

​"I love the raw sound of High Desert Valley - it doesn’t sound uncomfortably sterile or polished but it showcases new colors and vibrations from a classic and timeless combination of good guitar playing and easy listening vocals. Never a moment too simple to bore - something you could throw on anytime to add some pleasant sounds and pertinent stories to your day.

A body of work that belongs in everyone’s music collection."

Natalie Jordan, Programmer at WBAI & Jalopy Theatre


Wolf van Elfmand makes songs and plays the guitar. Raised in Western Colorado, his music explores genres within the realm of Americana from fingerpicking country-blues to boot stomping rock 'n' roll. In 2019 Van Elfmand put out his debut LP "Music for Minors (Ages 3 to 300)" which introduced listeners to Wolf's knack for humor and storytelling while remaining laser focused on musicality and production.  In 2021 he released 2 albums- All Blue, a self produced record that nods to players like J.J. Cale, featuring drum machines, countless layered guitars, and a minimalistic approach. And Gypsum, a full-band production, which showcased Wolf's depth in songwriting with themes like access to clean water, unrequited love, and a deep connection to the mountain west. Van Elfmand left Denver for Red Hook, Brooklyn in late 2020 and soon after linked up with producer Ryan Howe to create his latest album High Desert Valley. Due out on July 28, 2022, High Desert Valley is Wolf's first album recorded live with voice & guitar and scant overdubs. These days Wolf frequently performs solo and High Desert Valley demonstrates the magic of a Wolf show, with intentional lyrics, effortless fingerpicking and a smooth vocal delivery which continues to draw audiences throughout the country. 


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Wolf van Elfmand
High Desert Valley
Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Release Date
July 28, 2022
High Desert Valley Hi Res V2.jpg
Track Listing
1. Heavy
2. Blues from a Red Planet
3. Everyone Else
4. High Desert Valley
5. Piece of My Heart
6. Buying Time
7. Back East
Publicity Contact
Bram Holden
C. 970.390.8089
Artist Quote
"This album feels like my most honest and vulnerable. Rather than relying on humor or big production it's essentially a live album with melancholy songs that were written throughout a variety of difficult transitions. Growing up in the high desert of Western Colorado this record evokes images of my home, while I do what I've always done, just singing and playing the guitar."
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