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Wolf Sings (Volume 1)

All songs recorded live at Cottonwood Studios (Ft. Collins, Colorado) and 81 Corral (Edwards, Colorado)
©2013 Wolf van Elfmand

"The first time I met Wolf he had just finished playing "Green Rocky Road" in the basement of some lonely coffeehouse, on a windy August night in Northern Colorado.  He was doing it the way Van Ronk did it, one voice, two hands, six strings, and I thought I'd be a fool if I tried to play with anyone else in town but that guy.  If you've had the pleasure of seeing Wolf play, you'll know the feeling; he can pick the flowers from your garden and sing the white off your skin. He'll knock ya down with the blues and then pick ya right back up again.  He plays the beat of the street and the fun of the sun, the sound of the ground and the why of the sky, commotion of the ocean and the fire of the tire.  In a world where music capitulates and appeases, with flashing lights and pulsing beats, this album defies and demands.  Demands that you recognize the arc of tradition that passes over all music, and the collective history it and we all share.  With this album, Wolf enters into that tradition, and adds to it.  I've seen him play all these songs nearing a hundred times now, I enjoy it through a cold drink and a cloud a smoke.  You take it however you wish, but at least take it-he does a damn fine job."

- Luke Callen

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